Don’t “Boo.” VOTE!


Are you upset about the direction our country seems to be going? Are you concerned about today’s political climate? Well, today is the time to speak up.

This year, all Members of Congress and a third of the US Senate, every member of the New York State Senate and Assembly, as well as a number of statewide and local public officials are up for re-election.

This year’s Election Day is the most important in recent political history, so if you want a say in the political direction of our country and our community, make sure that you come out and vote. I will be doing so and voting for the whole Democratic ticket, and I encourage everyone to do the same, if you want our communities and our country to begin moving in the right direction.

And when you vote, make sure you vote down the line for the local positions too. For my friends in the 10th Ward and Albany County, that includes two very important judicial races. I urge you to cast your ballots for Judge Peter A. Lynch and Judge Margaret Walsh for NYS Supreme Court. These two individuals are highly qualified and are committed to integrity and basic fairness of our local judicial process.

If we want to see improvement in our communities and our country, we can’t just complain. We must do our part in electing the right people to office. As President Obama said, “Don’t boo! VOTE!”


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